Have a question that you need answered quickly? Take a look at some of our most commonly asked questions. If you don’t see your answer here, feel free to contact us!

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What do I need to do to get a design project started and how does your process work?
When you know the details of your project, first you’ll want to fill out the contact form on our website or email us directly at We may respond with a few additional questions in order to put together a quote based on your needs. After receiving your quote, you will need to ‘ok’ it in order for us to begin the design process. Once your quote is accepted, we will gather any design preferences you may have and get to work. You will be provided with a low resolution proof in 5 to 7 business days. If you have changes to your proof, we will complete them and provide you with another proof. If there are no additional changes, you can let us know that you project is complete and we will either provide you with the high resolution files or send your files to print. Payment is due upon completion of your project. In some cases, half of the cost may be required to begin design. Please note that for printing services, we cannot send your files to print until we receive payment.
I have an upcoming project that is not listed under your available services. Are you able to complete it?
Our services extend beyond those listed on our website. Please fill out our contact form with as many specific details about your project as possible. We will take a look at your request and be able to let you know if it is something that we can create for you.
Do you provide printing services in addition to design?
While we do not print our projects in-house, if you are in need of printing services, we are able to arrange it for you. We work with a variety of local and online printers and can put together a quote based on your needs.
Where can I find samples of your work?
Samples are located in our portfolio and are categorized according to business needs, weddings, holidays & events and specialty projects. If you are looking for a specific type of project that is not included in any of these categories on our website, please contact us. We have not included every design in our portfolio, but if we have samples of what you’re looking for, we’d be happy to email you design examples.
Can you send me paper samples of a specific project?
We are not typically able to send paper samples to our clients. Since our printing is outsourced, we do not have many physical samples to offer. There are a few exceptions, such as magnets and postcards. Please contact us to see if paper samples are available for your specific project. If you’d like to set up a meeting, we’d be happy to show you all of our paper stock.



Do you have a price list that you could send me?
We do not have a formal price sheet, as every project is different. Projects are quoted on an individual basis. The more details you can provide about your project, the better. We can work with you to stay within your desired budget.
What information do you need to be able to quote my project?

Any details that you have about your project will help us quote it accurately. Important information includes, but is not limited to: the size of your project or number of pages, folds, bleeds, 4-color/2-color/black and white, style of design, number of different designs that you want to see, whether or not you need printing services and the quantity to be printed. Please note that quotes are estimates based on the information you provide. Changes to your project details may change the quote so it is best to notify us immediately if this occurs.




What is your turnaround for design?
Once you approve your project quote, you should see a designed proof within 5 to 7 business days. After receiving your proof, we do our best to complete any changes that you may have within 24 to 48 hours. For larger projects and around holidays, please allow extra time. If you have a project that needs to be completed very quickly, please contact us. Rush projects may be subject to additional charges.
I am getting married in November. When would you suggest that I place an order for wedding invitations?
It’s never too early to contact us about designing wedding invitations. Most invitations are mailed to guests 8 to 12 weeks before the wedding day. To allow for plenty of design time, changes you may have as well as printing, we suggest that you get in touch with us at least 6-8 months before your big day. In most cases we are able to accommodate a quicker turnaround, but again, the earlier, the better!


Final Product

When I approve my final design, do you provide me with the files?
When your project is complete and you have signed off on it, we will provide you with the high resolution PDF so you are able to have it printed wherever you’d like. The high resolution PDF will include crop marks and bleeds unless you specify otherwise. If you need a specific file type, please let us know so we can provide it for you as well. If we are sending your project to a printer on your behalf, we will provide the printer with the file they need to print your job.
Are you able to provide me with the working design files? (i.e. – layered Photoshop and Illustrator files)
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide our clients with the working design files. All of our designs are our own and we do not want them to be subject to copying.